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By Kathleen Thomas

There are so many words that can describe my experience at the U.S. Army School of the Americas, now officially named the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation.  But the most telling word I can use is inspired.

After hearing about this protest/vigil at Ft. Benning, Georgia, for several years, I was finally able to participate this past November.  I had the privilege of standing alongside other Catholics as a part of the Progressive Catholic Coalition there to show support for the cause as well as to spread the word about Church reform.

The inspiration comes from the scores of young adults in attendance at the vigil, primarily college students.  I was so impressed with my peers' presence at such a solemn event focused on social justice.  Moreover, I was excited to engage them in discussions about Church reform and the wonderful things happening at FutureChurch and the other member organizations of the coalition. 

Many people at the vigil were unaware of the existence of these progressive Catholic groups and were eager for information about the good work we are doing.  Additionally, much gratitude was expressed from Catholics of all ages for our willingness to be present at this event and our willingness to dialogue with them about their own concerns about our Church.

The weekend came to a perfect end as I was able to meet the founder of the vigil for the School of the Americas, Fr. Roy Bourgeois.  It was a truly live-giving, inspirational experience that I will cherish in this next year of being a voice within the laity!

Fr. Roy Bourgeois and FutureChurch program committee member Kathleen Thomas.
Fr. Roy Bourgeois and FutureChurch program committee member Kathleen Thomas.

Kathleen is an active member of FutureChurch’s  program committee and Next Generation group.



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