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FutureChurch Director to Receive Margaret Ellen Traxler Award

The National Coalition of American Nuns (NCAN) will present the 2005 Margaret Ellen Traxler Award to FutureChurch Director Christine Schenk CSJ at its annual conference on August 27 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The national board wrote:

“We believe you have done something remarkable for our Church. In your work with FutureChurch and Call To Action, you have given us a vision of the way our Church should relate as a community. Your persistence in raising the issue of the priest shortage and your questioning of the issues of mandatory celibacy for priests and a female diaconate are paving the way for a female ordained priesthood in the Church. Because you are bringing to light the research on women in the Bible, such as dispelling the notion that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute and promoting Mary Magdalene liturgies all across the world, our Church is increasingly open to accepting the fullness of women’s gifts.
For these and many other endeavors, we salute you. Your courage in raising these issues in a public forum inspires us to continue to challenge the ecclesial systems that oppress women and other marginalized people.”

The theme of the NCAN conference is The Real DaVinci Code: Magdalene Christianity. For information about attending see “A Look Ahead

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