Images of Early Women Leaders Now Available on CD

Samaritan Woman catacomb fresco
Samaritan Woman
catacomb fresco

Twenty-first century women and men frequently believe women did not exercise leadership during Christianity’s formative centuries. FutureChurch aims to change that with an extensively researched new PowerPoint presentation that allows woman and men to visually retrieve the history of early women leaders too long distorted or rendered invisible in Christian memory.

Two years in the making, the resource includes one-of-a-kind photos of newly available sarcophagi friezes of women leaders in the Pio Christian Museum. These accompany better-known reproductions of catacomb frescos, paintings and mosaics dating to the 9th century. Original art and information about selected New Testament women leaders who are often under-represented, or worse, misrepresented in preaching and Lectionary texts are also included.

A sixteen-page presenter’s guide contains thumbnail photos of all 43 slides along with a carefully researched summary of what archaeologists, specialists in early Christian images and catacomb experts tell us about these artifacts.

Thank you for helping us spread the “good news” about women’s witness and leadership in Christian origins. The new resource is ideal for adult education programs, secondary school and college students, small faith communities and personal enrichment. CD contains images in PowerPoint and Pdf formats. FutureChurch is grateful to several special benefactors who made the project possible.

Magi and Mary of Nazareth
Magi and Mary of Nazareth
Woman Leader Between Two Apostles
Woman Leader Between Two Apostles

Visit the Advancing Women in Church Leadership section of Magdala’s Market to order the CD and presenter's guide.