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Newsweek Features Women and the Word Advocacy

Lisa Miller made a powerful case for including women in Catholic leadership in her April 3 cover story for  Newsweek.  She quotes Kerry Robinson, the executive director of the National Leadership Roundtable who traveled to Rome last month to talk to cardinals about women's roles in the Church and women deleted from the lectionary:  Robinson found that some hadn't noticed the women's stories were gone.  "If the stories of the women and girls of the Bible aren't told, then mothers and daughters will stop seeing themselves as part of the Body of Christ. They'll walk away. And they'll take their children with them," she said.

It is great to see FutureChurch's Women and the Word initiative expand and be supported by other Catholic women leaders around the world. Our advocacy was instrumental in encouraging the Vatican's 2008 Synod on the Word to invite the most women experts ever and, for the first time, raise awareness in Rome about women deleted from the lectionary.

Since the 2008 synod, at least 3,300 paper and electronic postcards have been sent asking the Vatican to open the examination of the lectionary and restore women biblical leaders such as Phoebe (Romans 16), Lois and Eunice (2 Tim1:4,5) and Mary of Magdala (John 20: 11-18) to texts from which they have been excised.

Pope Benedict's post synod exhortation has not been issued yet even though the draft summary was presented to him by the Synod Council last June.

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