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July was a banner month for FutureChurch media outreach. The July 6 issue of the national Jesuit weekly America magazine published an article Its Not All About Eve written by Sr. Chris Schenk about FutureChurch's work to restore women to lectionary texts at the Synod  on the Word.  America is widely read by U.S. bishops and this article was one of the five most read articles for the month of July. The July 10 issue of National Catholic Reporter featured a full page story by Tom Roberts that is perhaps the most comprehensive article ever published about the FutureChurch mission and our work to avert nationwide parish closings. Roberts interviewed Schenk as part of his Emerging Church series while covering Cleveland Bishop Richard Lennon's announcement that he would close 52 parishes in that diocese. Catholic News Service quoted us extensively in a July 1 article by Dennis Sadowski on parishioner efforts to keep their parishes open. And on July 9th the St. Louis National Public Radio station WKMU featured an hour long interview with Sr. Chris Schenk on Women in the Church. If you missed them, all media stories are available on the FutureChurch website.

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