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Woman of Witness: Hildegard of Bingen

Between 1158 and 1163, Hildegard journeyed throughout Germany on three major preaching tours. Such unusual activity for a medieval woman points to the prestige Hildegard had gained as a visionary, seer and healer. She was genuinely dismayed by what she viewed as the corruption of her own time. Hildegard summed up her prophetic vocation by repeating what is stated many times over in her writings: “This time is a womanish time, because the dispensation of God’s justice is weak. But the strength of God’s justice is exerting itself, a female warrior battling against injustice, so that it might fall defeated” (Letter 23). Hildegard doubtless understood herself as this female warrior, the personification of God’s justice. She was a woman of incredible strength, courage and brilliance in whom injustice met a most formidable enemy. 

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