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Women and the Word: Synod 2008
Put Women Back In The Biblical Picture!

Women and the Word:
Synod 2008

Put Women Back in the Biblical Picture

Help Shape The Synod Agenda
Send an electronic postcard
to your local diocese, national and
international Church leaders

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Women and the Word

FutureChurch is launching a two-year campaign to raise awareness about the invisibility of women’s biblical leadership and experience in Church preaching and scripture proclamation.

Pope Benedict has announced that the theme of the October 2008 World synod of Bishops will be “The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church.”  Synod council members met recently and urged special attention to “the Word of God in liturgy, in preaching, in catechesis, in theology, spirituality, public and private meditation, enculturation and ecumenism.”  The lineamenta or outline for the Synod will soon be distributed to bishops around the world.

Pope Benedict has spoken twice about the need “to offer more space, more positions of responsibility to women,” and that “women themselves.... will know how to make their own space...And we will have to try and listen...” (March, August 2006)  In February he provided the biblical underpinnings for women preachers and leaders in his daily audience address to about 20,000 people (see related article page 2).

FutureChurch will provide concrete suggestions to Synod leaders for ways to listen to women’s voices, particularly in preaching and proclaiming the Word.

An international electronic and paper postcard campaign invites concerned Catholics to send these four concrete suggestions to local, national and international Church leaders to help shape the synod agenda:

  • Invite women biblical experts to the synod. No women theologians were included in the 2005 Synod on the Eucharist
  • Devote more pastoral attention to Jesus’ and St. Paul's inclusion of women leaders
  • Expand opportunities for women preachers so both women and men can hear the Word through the lens of Christian women.
  • Restore biblical women leaders to lectionary readings in which their witness was diminished or deleted. (See Sr. Ruth Fox's article from May/June issue of LITURGY 90, © 1996, available at www.futurechurch.org).

In 2005, FutureChurch worked to get the priest shortage on the agenda of the Synod on the Eucharist. We were successful because thousands of people were willing to send postcard input as their local dioceses prepared their response to the “lineamenta” or outline of what should be on the agenda.

Please help us shape those responses so we as a Church can be refreshed by women’s reflection on the Word and retrieve the critical history of biblical women leaders.

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