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Help Create a Critical Mass for Women Deacons

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Since the launch of FutureChurch’s Women Deacons: Why Not Now?  initiative last spring, scores of faithful Catholics have purchased or downloaded resource packets, and many others have signed up to help with local organizing.  Over the past five years, FutureChurch’s Save Our Parish Community project catalyzed a landmark change in Vatican policy. We discovered that it IS possible to influence Rome once a critical mass decides to do something.  Please help us create a new critical mass on behalf of women, especially women preachers, in our church.

Already Cardinal George has promised to raise the issue of women deacons in Rome after a Chicago parish asked him to support the candidacy of a woman leader to the permanent diaconate. We are aware of groups that have met or are meeting with bishops in three other U.S. dioceses. Using the Chicago parish as a model, our materials include how to educate in your parish and how to find and present women candidates to your bishop.

The packet contains everything you need to educate and advocate for ordaining women to the permanent diaconate in your parish, including essays and prayer services about early women deacons, and articles by experts such as Dr. Phyllis Zagano for how the Church can and should restore the female diaconate today.

Join the movement today!

We hope to create local networks of people willing to work on this issue. Let us know if you are interested in becoming a local educator and/or activist in your diocese.

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Winter 2013


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