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Priesthood Sunday 2012 a Success!

Linda and Phil Marcin share joys of ministry.' Linda and Phil Marcin share joys of ministry.

Fr. Bob reflects on his priestly journey. Fr. Bob reflects on his priestly journey.

This fall hundreds of Catholics gathered to thank their parish priests and at the same time pray for a return to the tradition of a married priesthood and women deacons in the Latin rite of the Roman Catholic Church.

Here is a heartwarming story from Auburn, NY where parishioners put together a ‘surprise’ celebration for their pastor. They write:

After the Communion Prayer at each of the Masses the congregation raised their hands over their priest while a blessing was read. The words of the blessing were very moving and the congregation spontaneously burst into applause at each Mass. Parish children worked for two weeks coloring pictures to give. The little ones presented them individually at the Children’s Mass with each child expressing his or her love and gratitude, several by hugging our pastor’s legs (He is about 6ft 8!).

This celebration was one of at least 66 held in the US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, and the Netherlands on or around October 28, Priesthood Sunday.  Participants were encouraged to take action and advocate for a return of both married priests and women deacons. Many signed our Open Letter to U.S. Bishops and/or sent postcards or e-postcards to Cardinals Piacenza and Mueller in Rome.  Of the organizers, 43 downloaded the 2012 Organizing Kit complete with prayer service and educational materials. We have details about 21 celebrations, 8 of which were held in Catholic parishes. Nine gatherings attracted had more than 100 participants. Although some celebration summaries and details may still be making their way to us, we are very pleased with the feedback we have received.

In 2013, Priesthood Sunday will be held on October 27.

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