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Be a Mary Magdalene Advocate

What does it mean to be a Mary Magdalene Advocate?

The 2024 Synod offers another opportunity to raise awareness about the “woman gaps” in the Lectionary and to share the Good News that women have been integral to shaping our Christian tradition and their inspirational stories should be included in the stories we hear proclaimed on Sundays, holy days, and weekdays.

Mary Magdalene advocates offer help in many different ways by

  • Sharing information with others in the community or parish
  • Reaching out to bishops and priests 
  • Signing our petition and urging others to sign as well
  • Writing letters to synod participants, leaders in Rome, etc.

Please join us in raising awareness that too many essential, inspirational stories of our foremothers in faith are not being proclaimed on Sunday or throughout our three-year lectionary cycle.  

FutureChurch is offering training, educational resources, and monthly support meetings so that, together, we can work with other Catholics, including synod participants, our bishops, priests, worship committees, and officials in the Vatican to raise awareness about the need to include more stories of our foremothers in faith in the lectionary.

Below is the schedule.

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Mary Magdalene Advocacy – Part I

April 30, 2024 at 7pm ET

Foundations for Mary Magdalene Advocacy

In this session learn about a) the “woman gaps” in the lectionary; b) the development of the lectionary and why so many women are excluded; and ,c) materials you can use to raise awareness and begin a dialogue.  In each session there will be time to ask questions and discuss what we are learning.  

Materials from Training Session #1

Mary Magdalene Advocacy – Part II

May 21, 2024 at 7pm ET

Recovering Our Faith Heritage

Learn more about our Foremothers in Faith, the women we want to recover in the lectionary including a) Mary Madgalene’s quest to be heard on Easter Sunday; b) Phoebe our sister, diakonos, and prostatis; c) Lydia, Junia, Prisca, Shiprah & Puah, and more.

Materials from Training Session #2

Mary Magdalene Advocacy – Part III

June 25, 2024 at 7pm ET

How to Begin a Dialogue and Take Action

Learn about the tools and best practices for reaching out to Catholic synod participants, bishops, priests, and people in your community or parish.  Learn about the people who will be at the synod and who will be part of the discussions.  

Mary Magdalene Advocacy – Part IV

Dates TBD

Who’s Who and What is Being Discussed

These sessions take us into the particulars of the Synod.  Learn about the synodal discussions, work groups, the working document and how understanding those elements will enhance your outreach efforts. 

Mary Magdalene Advocates’ Support Sessions

Dates TBD

Support, Share, Strategize, and Renew

This time will be reserved for sharing experiences, obstacles, and successes in a prayerful setting.