2022 Mary Magdalene Virtual Art Tour

Wednesday July 13, 2022 at 7pm EDT

FutureChurch is pleased to welcome back Dr. Christine Axen, Ph.D. for our third Mary Magdalene Virtual Art Tour! This year, Dr. Axen’s presentation will compare and contrast artistic depictions of Mary Magdalene in the Western and Eastern Church.

The misidentification of Mary as reformed public sinner achieved official standing in a homily delivered by Pope Gregory I (540-604). Henceforth, Mary of Magdala became known in the west, not as the strong woman leader who accompanied Jesus through a tortuous death, first witnessed his Resurrection, and proclaimed the Risen Savior to the early church, but as a wanton woman in need of repentance and a life of hidden (and hopefully silent) penitence. The Eastern church, however, never identified her as a prostitute, and honored her throughout history as “the Apostle to the Apostles.” Dr. Axen’s virtual tour of the art will explore how these disparate traditions impacted artistic depictions of St. Mary Magdalene.

Dr. Christine Axen, Ph.D. is a medievalist with a specialization in French religious history and female religiosity in the Middle Ages. She received her doctorate from Boston University, and currently Art History at St John’s University in Queens. She also gives guided tours of the Met Cloisters, the medieval branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and is interested in the depiction of women in medieval art, and the messages that art conveys about social order.



Jul 13 2022


7:00 pm
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