Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God Download

From our Re-imaging Mary of Nazareth Series, Our Mary the Mother of God Packet DOWNLOAD offers educational and prayer resources to help you learn about and pray with Mary as sister, companion, prophet, disciple and mother. 

View a complete list of resources included in this download below:

Education Resources on Mary of Nazareth

  • Mary Through History -- An easy-to-read examination of Marian thought and art from the Early Church through Today by Mary Christine Athans, BVM, Ph.D. 
  • Reclaiming Mary: A Task for Feminist Theology by Mary Grey, Ph.D.
  • Will The Real Mary Please Stand Up? Transcript and MP3 of Podcast Discussion with Sr. Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ
  • Mary of Nazareth: Sign of God's Liberation by Christine Schenk, CSJ
  • Outline and Discussion Questions to host your own four-session series on Mary of Nazareth

Resources on Mary, the Mother of God

  • Mary, the Mother of God:  The Oldest and Most Controversial Feastday by Judith Davis, Ph.D.
  • Opening to Heaven: The Shrine Madonnas by Judith Davis, Ph.D.
  • Holy Virgin, Mother of God: When Faced with Impossible Standards by Deborah Rose-Milavec
  • Mary in the Age of Complementarity by Deborah Rose-Milavec
  • Mary the Prophet by Penelope Duckworth
  • The Wisdom of Older Women by Penelope Duckworth

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