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Is the eucharistic revival an exercise in cheap grace?

June 28, 2023

By Christine Schenk, CSJ | National Catholic Reporter


For FutureChurch co-director Russ Petrus, the eucharistic revival rings hollow. In emailed remarks he told me, “It’s a bit like Coca-Cola telling people to drink more Coke while simultaneously decommissioning vending machines across the country. Or wishing for more workers to make the Coke but turning away those ready, willing, and able …”

It is hopeful that lay and clerical leaders at October’s Synod on Synodality willactually discuss these long-avoided topics.  But Petrus is distressed that the two events are occurring simultaneously. In a trenchant critique, he sees U.S. prelates “trying to consolidate their ‘power’ by using the sacraments at the very time the global Church is figuring out how to redistribute it in a more Christ-like way.”