We seek changes that will provide all Roman Catholics the opportunity to participate fully in Church life and leadership.

FutureChurch’s 32nd Annual Fall Event

Fertile Ground: Building a Synodal Church

Please join us for FutureChurch’s 32nd Annual Fall Event! Spread over two evenings, our virtual (via Zoom) event will focus on Synodality. 

On Thursday, November 3rd, we honor our award recipients: Sr. Maureen Sullivan, O.P. for her lifetime work educating Catholics on the importance of Vatican II; and Yunuen Trujillo for her hopeful advocacy on behalf of the Catholic LGBTQ community. 

On Thursday, November 10th, we welcome our keynote presenter, Prof. Rafael Luciani, S.T.D., a world-renown expert on synodality.

Featured Videos & Resources

  • Women Erased: Women’s Authorship in Jewish and Christian Literature

  • Subversive Habits Book Study

  • Pope Francis’ Trip of Reconciliation in Canada

  • Women Erased: Women in Second Temple Judaism

  • 2022 Mary Magdalene Virtual Liturgy

Catholic Women are Preaching! Join us for a celebration of voice! https://t.co/rD6t6F2NXj

Learn more about synodality and how to implement it in your parish & community. Sr. Donna ...Ciangio joins us for the first session. https://t.co/jqOgCpLzs8

Want to learn more about synodality? Join @FutureChurchUSA for this three week study. We will hear... from experts, study Synod consultant Rafael Luciani's book, "Synodality: a New Way of Proceeding in the Church" and talk together! https://t.co/jqOgCpLzs8

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