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January 29, 2023

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

In today’s offering, we will explore how scripture can inspire an “integral ecology” that brings together environmentalism with social justice, especially through the Beatitudes; we will engage Pope Francis’s illustration of “integral ecology” in his encyclical, Laudato si’; and we will turn to models for how we might embody “integral ecology” in our own lives through liberation theologians and the Benincasa Community.

The Just Word This Week

Inclusive. Life-giving. Liberating.

FutureChurch’s newest project, The Just Word, pairs inclusive language lectionary readings with life-giving and liberating commentaries written justice-seeking, young adult Catholic scholars, activists, and ministers.

The Just Word is a resource for all Catholics, inviting us to:

  • explore the readings in greater depth through the lens of ground-breaking theological thought
  • engage with the world around us in light of principles and documents of Catholic Social Thought
  • embody a faith that does justice with the help of contemplative practices, art, videos, and music as well as the inspiration of individuals and communities who bear witness to our faith.

We seek changes that will provide all Roman Catholics the opportunity to participate fully in Church life and leadership.

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops is working with Vatican officials in Rome on the ...wording for a new papal statement rejecting the Doctrine of Discovery.

Cardinal McElroy has a unique prophetic voice in the Church and is leading the synodal process in ...exquisite ways!

Doris Reisinger @ReisingerWagner, is one of the most courageous, tenacious Catholic women I know. ...Thank you for your fierce advocacy for Catholic women! Vatican's handling of Rupnik case shows church considers women unequal via @NCRonline @DebRoseFC

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