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March 27, 2023

Fifth Sunday of Lent

Today, we invite you to explore dialogue between Lakota worldviews and Catholicism, through Heȟáka Sápa, or Black Elk; engage Catholic Social Teaching on care for the Earth, and consider the Earth as one of G*d’s children; and embody these teachings through power mapping ourselves, and considering the examples of urban farming and the wisdom of the sunrise.

The Just Word This Week

Inclusive. Life-giving. Liberating.

FutureChurch’s newest project, The Just Word, pairs inclusive language lectionary readings with life-giving and liberating commentaries written justice-seeking, young adult Catholic scholars, activists, and ministers.

The Just Word is a resource for all Catholics, inviting us to:

  • explore the readings in greater depth through the lens of ground-breaking theological thought
  • engage with the world around us in light of principles and documents of Catholic Social Thought
  • embody a faith that does justice with the help of contemplative practices, art, videos, and music as well as the inspiration of individuals and communities who bear witness to our faith.

We seek changes that will provide all Roman Catholics the opportunity to participate fully in Church life and leadership.

This is interesting. People and priests are saying "no" to parish closures and mergers. ...FutureChurch also has Save Our Parish Community resources -

Have you signed up for this event? Howard University Professor Nikki Taylor will discuss the life ...of fugitive enslaved woman Margaret Garner and her children -- and her attempt to escape the cruelty of slavery.

Please join FutureChurch on March 23 at 7pm EDT to hear Dr. Nikki Taylor talk about her research on... Margaret Garner. If you have read Toni Morrison's work, "Beloved" you'll want to learn more.

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