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What’s new with the Synod? Up to date readings and more.

Many Catholics are interested in what will be happening with the Synod on Synodality as we go forward this year and into the next meeting in Rome in October 2024.  We will keep you informed with current articles and gatherings that may be of interest to you.  This is a big process and we’ll need to work together to bring synodality to life in our church.


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Resources and Action Guide

Here are some resources for education and action in your own parish or community.




FutureChurch overview of final Synod Synthesis:

FutureChurch resource on The Women of the Synod:  The Whole Story


  • Reach out to bishops/participants on Women in Ministry, Lectionary and Language Upgrades, LGBTQ+ inclusion UPCOMING RESOURCE! (The USCCB will have synodality on the agenda at their Nov meeting)

FutureChurch Gatherings