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In Our Own Words: FutureChurch’s Synod Report

Over the course of six weeks in Lent, nearly 600 Catholics from the United States and around the world, took part in FutureChurch’s synod listening sessions. Rep…

Urge Your Bishop to Participate in the Synod on Synodality

Pope Francis has called for a worldwide synod on synodality in 2023.  In the lead up to the synod, he wants church leaders and bishops to gather the “sense of th…

Save Our Parish Community Packet

The Save Our Parish Community packet is another important resource. It contains more extensive information about canonical and civil redress, biblical, theological and…

Crisis Kit

An important project resource is a “Crisis Kit” available for free downloading. The kit contains immediate information viable parish communities need when faced …

Women Witnesses for Racial Justice – Resources

Learn, pray, and take action for racial and reparative justice in the Church and in the world.

Holy Family Campaign Downloads

End the use of subordinating text in the lectionary.

DeaconChat: A Conversation About Women Deacons

A joint initiative of the Association of U.S. Catholic Priests, FutureChurch, and Voice of the Faithful.

100 Women Deacons Campaign

View the stories of women who have considered a call to the diaconate and share your own story.
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