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Teleconference Series

A Theology of the Eucharist for Today’s Church with Thomas O’Loughlin

Professor Thomas O’Loughlin shares his expertise regarding the historical theology of t…

No Religious or Lay: Religious Communities for the Future with Benincasa Community

The question for us is: “What is God’s unshakeable, unmistakeable call?”.  For Karen G…

Young Catholic Sisters Speak Out

Sisters Andrea Koverman, Leslie Keener, and Julia Walsh share their insights and hopes …

Small Christian Communities as Response to Eucharistic Famine with Fr. Joe Healey

Fr. Joseph Healey shares his expertise in helping develop Small Christian Communities i…

Everyone Leads with Chris Lowney

Chris Lowney discusses the future of lay leadership and ministry in the Catholic Church…

The Future of Religious Life with Jamie Manson

Jamie Manson discusses her innovative ideas about the shape and direction of religious …

The Lobinger Model with Fr. Robert Duch

Fr. Robert Duch discusses Bishop Fritz Lobinger’s model for electing community leaders….

Emerging Models of Ministry with Professor Ed Hahnenberg

Professor Ed Hahnenberg discusses innovative models of ministry being developed to meet…
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