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Pentecost Project: Celebrating New Models of Community

On that first Pentecost, the Risen Christ appeared to the disciples in the upper room, blessing them with peace and the Holy Spirit. Many scholars believe that the Pentecostal event was when the Church began. It was at that moment, when the friends of Jesus first received the gift of the Holy Spirit, that they were charged with the mission of spreading the Gospel and continuing the mission of Jesus. Since that first encounter, disciples the whole world over have been fueled by the Spirit to continue the work that Jesus started– the work of loving the world. 

With the fire of Pentecost and emboldened by the Holy Spirit, we at FutureChurch are engaging in a new project to recognize and celebrate communities around the United States that are embodying the Pentecostal mission. Over the next several months, we will be highlighting communities that have been emboldened to live the Gospel in new and creative ways. From intentional living communities, to independent worship spaces, to organizations that are re-envisioning what it means to serve, these trailblazing communities serve as witness that the creative power of the Spirit never ceases. 

At the culmination of this project, FutureChurch will publish a database of these emerging models, each demonstrating a novel way to live as church. Through both the emerging model highlights and the culminating database, this project will seek to:

  1. Highlight communities that are doing important Gospel work; 
  2. Connect communities to one another in the spirit of collaboration and networking; 
  3. Amplify the voices and reach of communities in order to allow more seekers to connect with their work; 
  4. Celebrate all of the creative ways in which you are blossoming from the roots of the Catholic tradition; 
  5. Transform our understanding of what it means to be the church. 

Do you know of or belong to a community that you would like to see highlighted? Reach out to Martha at

Featured Communities