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Celebrating Queer Becoming with Barbara Anne Kozee

Content warning: This presentation begins with a discussion on statistics of physical and sexual violence. If you may be sensitive to this type of content, we advise skipping forward to the 8 minute 30 second mark.

Doctoral student, Barbara Anne Kozee, continues FutureChurch’s Pride Month series with a presentation on “Celebrating Queer Becoming.” In her presentation, Barbara brings contemporary queer theory into conversation with the contemplative theology and spirituality of Karl Rahner, SJ to illuminate a liberating pathway forward for all – and especially queer Catholics – based on “becoming.”

Barbara Anne Kozee is entering her third year as a PhD student in Theological Ethics at Boston College. Barb completed her Master of Divinity at Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University with a certificate in women’s studies in religion. Her research focuses on issues of gender, sexuality, culture, and politics with an emphasis on interdisciplinary and qualitative methods.

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