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The Art of Women Witnesses for Racial Justice with Chloe Becker

Artist, Chloe Becker, discusses her process and the symbolism in each of the portraits for FutureChurch’s Women Witnesses for Racial Justice series and takes questions from the audience.


“All Are Welcome.” Text: Marty Haugen. Tune: TWO OAKS with refrain by Marty Haugen. Copyright 1994, GIA Publications Inc. All rights reserved. Printed and streamed under ONE LICENSE #A-737115.

“I’m Gonna Do What the Spirit Says Do.” Traditional African-American Spiritual.

Prayer Service in Celebration of Sr. Thea Bowman

FutureChurch celebrates the life and witness of Sr. Thea Bowman with this prayer service on the eve of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

“Let Justice Roll Like a River” by Marty Haugen. © 1991. GIA Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. Used and streamed with permission under ONE LICENSE #A-737115.
“Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child” – African American Spiritual.
“We Shall Overcome” – Civil Rights Anthem. Reprinted under ONE LICENSE

Prayer Leader: dr. timone davis
Witnesses: Dr. Kim R. Harris, Kayla August
Musician: Jim Carr
Liturgy: Russ Petrus

Prayer Service in Celebration of Mother Mary Lange

FutureChurch marked the beginning of Advent 2020 with a prayer service inspired by the life and witness of Mother Mary Lange, who founded the first school for black Catholic children in the United States and the first religious community for black Catholic women.

“Find Us Ready” by Tom Booth. © 1993. Published by ®. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission under ONE LICENSE
“I’m Gonna Do What the Spirit Says Do.” Text and music African American Spiritual.
“Lift Every Voice and Sing” by J. Rosamond Johnson / James Johnson.

Prayer Leader: Sr. Mumbi Kiguthi
Lector: Katie Lacz
Witnesses: Sr. Romina Sapinoso, Leslye Colvin, Sr. Melinda Pellerin
Respondent: Sr. Andrea Koverman
Musician: Jim Carr

Women Erased: Adam Has a Womb with Lizzie Berne DeGear, Ph.D.

The story of Adam and Eve has been used for centuries to put women in their place (“Eve was made from Adam’s rib as a helpmate for him”) and to castigate the LGBTQ community (“It’s Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve!”), but did you know that the Bible does not actually tell that story?

FutureChurch hosted a special screening of the delightful and eye-opening award-winning animated short film (m)adam: Adam’s Rib Reframed and a no-holds-barred discussion with filmmaker, Lizzie Berne DeGear, PhD.

Lizzie Berne DeGear, PhD is a chaplain, writer, Bible scholar and Catholic feminist. Her biblical scholarship combines depth psychology and theology and has appeared in Religious Education and the UTS Quarterly Review, as well as in her book For She Has Heard. She is a contributing author to Guidepost’s Mornings with Jesus: Daily Encouragement for your Soul (2019 and 2020 editions), and is currently completing a book on the Gospel of Mark entitled Someone Called Jesus: An Intimate Introduction to Christ. Certified by the National Association of Catholic Chaplains since 2002, she enjoyed teaching Bible Studies at the Church of St. Francis Xavier from 2002-2019. In partnership with FutureChurch, Women’s Ordination Conference and Call to Action, she co-founded the movement Feminism & Faith in Union in 2018.

Prayer Service in Celebration of Sister Antona Ebo

On All Saints Day, November 1, 2020, FutureChurch opened its Celebrating Women Witnesses for Racial Justice project with a prayer service inspired by the life and witness of civil rights icon, Sr. Antona Ebo, who marched for voting rights, desegregated her congregations, and worked for racial justice until her death in 2017.

Gather Your People. Text and Music © 1991, Bob Hurd. Published by OCP Publications. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission under ONE LICENSE #A-737115.
I’m Gonna Do What the Spirit Says Do. Text and music African American Spiritual.
We Are Marching/Siyahamba. Text and Music Traditional South African. © 1991, Peace of Music Publishing AB, Admin by Walton Music Corp., A division of GIA Publications, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission under ONE LICENSE

Thank you to:
Prayer Leader: Sr. Nicole Trahan
Readers: Danielle Harrison, Leslye Colvin, Sr. Chris Schenk, Joan Sattler, Respondent: Karen Gargamelli McCreight Musician: Jim Carr

Fr. Bryan Massingale Accepts the 2020 Louis Trivison Award

Introduced by Deborah Rose-Milavec, Fr. Bryan Massingale accepts our 2020 Fr. Louis J. Trivison Award and offers a powerful presentation on racial justice in society and church.

A leader in the field of theological ethics and preeminent voice for racial justice in the American Church, Bryan N. Massingale is the James and Nancy Buckman Professor of Theological and Social Ethics, as well as the Senior Ethics Fellow in Fordham’s Center for Ethics Education.

He is a past Convener of the Black Catholic Theological Symposium and a former president of the Catholic Theological Society of America. Massingale strives to be a scholar-activist through serving faith-based groups advancing justice in society. He has served as a consultant to the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops, providing theological assistance on issues such as criminal justice, capital punishment, environmental justice, and affirmative action. He has also been a consultant to the National Black Catholic Congress, Catholic Charities USA, the Catholic Health Association, Catholic Relief Services, the Leadership Conference of Religious Women, the Conference of Major Superiors of Men, the National Catholic AIDS Network, and the antiracism teams of Call to Action and Pax Christi USA. He is an active participant in a network of Catholic thought leaders striving for fuller inclusion of LGBT persons in society and the faith community. He is the author of Racial Justice and the Catholic Church.