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Women Erased: In Search of a Majority with Carolyn Osiek, RSCJ, Th.D.

Throughout the early (2nd-6th) Christian centuries, the lives of most women were lived in silence, while the few elite ascetic women got at least some attention. What about the rest? Dr. Carolyn Osiek, RSCJ, Catholic Professor of New Testament emerita at Brite Divinity School and past president of the Catholic Biblical Association, explores the lives of these early Christian women we know little about.

Women Erased: Reading the Bible Against the Grain with Carol Dempsey, OP, Ph.D.

Carol Dempsey, OP, PhD explores new ways of reading the Scripture “against the grain” and offers us new understandings of many of the stories and poems can become uncanningly “prophetic” to move us forward in our work for global justice. Included in our discussion is the topic of the gendering of “God” as we explore hegemonic power.  Professor Carol J. Dempsey, OP is an internationally recognized and award-winning scholar who teaches courses in Biblical Studies, specifically in Old Testament/Hebrew Bible. With particular expertise in the Prophets, Professor Dempsey’s interests lie in a feminist and liberation approach to biblical texts, gender studies, biblical theology, literary and rhetorical criticism, and environmental/ecological studies.

To Speak the Truth in Love Book Study with Christine Schenk, CSJ and Theresa Kane, RSM

To Speak the Truth in Love: A Biography of Theresa Kane RSM

A three-part series from FutureChurch featuring Sr. Christine Schenk CSJ (author) and Sr. Theresa Kane RSM

FutureChurch was honored to welcome Sr. Christine Schenk, CSJ and Sr. Theresa Kane, RSM for this unique opportunity to read Sr. Christine’s new book, To Speak the Truth in Love: A Biography of Theresa Kane RSM, together! Each session was filled with additional insights and commentary from Sr. Christine and from Sr. Theresa Kane herself offerred a Q&A. View the session descriptions and the videos of these three remarkable nights below:

Session One: Pope John Paul II meets Sister Theresa Kane: Who is this Person?
Sr. Theresa Kane’s historic 1979 encounter with Pope John Paul II requesting full inclusion of women in all the ministries of the church galvanized the women’s movement in the Catholic Church.  What led up to this moment?  What changed because of Theresa’s prophetic act?


Session Two: Innovative Provincial: The Perils of Prophetic Leadership
After Vatican II, Theresa and the Sisters of Mercy of the Union experienced immense changes in their ministries and lifestyle. Because Theresa would not desist from speaking her Sisters’ truth about the full equality and moral agency of women, the Vatican tried to remove her from office. But she persisted with a deep and persevering faith.


Session Three: The Significance of Theresa Kane’s Leadership Yesterday and Today                  
In 2009, the Vatican announced dual wide -ranging investigations of US sisters, described at the time as “probably the largest investigation in church history.” Pope Francis ended both investigations favorably for the sisters. After nearly 50 years of opposition, the Vatican publicly affirmed contemporary expressions of religious life first inaugurated by Theresa and her contemporaries. What lessons does this 50-year saga hold for the People of God today?

Women Erased: From the Lectionary with Michael Peppard, Ph.D.

FutureChurch welcomes Michael Peppard, PhD, associate professor of New Testament Studies at Fordham University, who discusses how Biblical women are disproportionately underrepresented in the assigned Scripture readings for the Church year: some women are omitted entirely, others are only read at weekday mass, and still others are made “optional.” Providing examples from both the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, Dr. Peppard covers just the tip of the iceberg in this presentation.

Marie Collins Accepts FutureChurch’s 2019 Louis J. Trivison Award

FutureChurch co-director, Deborah Rose-Milavec, introduces and presents Marie Collins with the 2019 Louis J. Trivison award in recognition of her tireless pursuit of justice for survivors of clergy sexual abuse, protection of children and vulnerable people, and accountability from the hierarchy. Accepting the award, Marie Collins offers a brief presentation on her background, her experience as a member of the Papal Commission for the Protection of Minors, two reforms she sees as necessary, and what gives her hope.

Read the transcript of this presentation.

2019 Keynote Presentation: Robert Mickens

FutureChurch co-founder, Christine Schenk, CSJ, introduces Robert Mickens, English-language editor for LaCroix International. Mickens puts forth one answer to the question, “The Francis Reforms: Too Little, Too Late” by placing the Papacy of Francis in the context of modern history and recent papacies, arguing Pope Francis’ push toward a more universal and less Euro-centric focus is perhaps one of his greatest reforms.

Read the transcript of this presentation

Karen Gargamelli-McCreight Accepts the 2019 Christine Schenk Award

Friend of FutureChurch, Luke Hansen, introduces and presents Karen Gargamelli-McCreight with the 2019 Christine Schenk Award for Young Catholic Leaders in recognition of her co-founding of Benincasa Community in New York as well as her efforts to promote the role laity — and particularly women — in the Church. Accepting the award, Karen Gargamelli-McCreight introduces Benincasa Community, tells the story of its founding, and shares some of their advocacy actions with us.

Read the transcript of this presentation.