Synod Continental Discernment Session

As we come together in prayer, we will listen, dialogue, and discern if the Continental Phase Document authentically reflects our concerns, hopes, and priorities for the future of the Church.  At each session we will pray, listen to Scripture, go over the highlights of the Continental Phase Document, share our responses in small groups, and complete survey questions that will be compiled into a report for the USCCB and the Synod Committee so that they will hear from ALL the faithful on the issues most important today.

Next Session: January 31, 2023 at 7pm ET Register

Session One: Toward a Missionary Synodal Church

FutureChurch hosts the first of two sessions dedicated to discerning the contents of the Synod Continental Phase Document, Enlarge the Space of your Tent. After song, scripture, and prayer, FutureChurch co-director, Deborah Rose offers a summary of the context of the document and the contents of section three, “Towards a missionary synodal church.”

“All Are Welcome” by Marty Haugen. Copyright 1994 by GIA Publications Inc. Music displayed and streamed with permission under OneLicense #A-737115.


Additional Resources:

  • Continental Phase Document Read More. (It would be very helpful to read Section III as completely as possible)
  • Highlights and notes from Section I, II, and III of the Continental Phase Document (Deb Rose’s slides) Read more
  • Summary of FutureChurch Synods Sessions – What Our Participants Said. Read more
  • In Our Own Words Full Synod Report Read more
  • Prayers used for this session Read more
  • FutureChurch Questionnaire (used to develop report) Take the survey


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