2019 Fall Event

The Francis Reforms: Too Little, Too Late?

Keynote Presenter: Robert Mickens
Based in Rome, Mickens has been reporting and commenting on the Vatican and the Catholic Church for more than three decades. He is currently the English language editor of LaCroix International and his column, “Letter from Rome” is widely syndicated and read. Mickens will join us on the heels of the Amazonian Synod, which is expected to take up topics such as married priests and women deacons. He will share his unique perspective and insight on Pope Francis’ struggle to overcome clericalism. 

Fr. Louis Trivison Award Recipient: Marie Collins
Born in Dublin, Ireland, Marie Collins is a tireless campaigner for the protection of children, for the accountability of the church, and for justice for survivors of sexual abuse, as she herself was a victim of clergy abuse as a 13-year-old. She is a founding trustee of the Marie Collins Foundation and the support group for abuse survivors, One in Four (Ireland), as well as a founding member of the Irish depression support group Aware.

Christine Schenk Award for Young Catholic Leaders Recipient: Karen Gargamelli-McCreight
Gargamelli-McCreight is one of the co-founders of Benincasa Community, a lay community named for Catherine (Benincasa) di Siena, the peacemaker, mystic, theologian, and reformer. Dedicated to the works of mercy and justice in an era thirsting for humanity’s collective recognition of unity and interdependence with all creation, members of Benincasa are grounded by faith, an emerging understanding of the new cosmology, the development of new economic models in our world, and the need for deepening relationships with the land and one another.

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