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Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ

Elizabeth Ann Johnson, more fondly known by her family and friends as Beth, was born on December 6, 1941 to Walter Johnson and Margaret Reed Johnson. The oldest of seven children, she was known to take charge of the kids in her Brooklyn neighborhood to coordinate softball games, to put on plays, and even, some days, to do a few chores. Beth is remembered to have been a serious child, disciplined from a young age, and a natural leader. Her self-confidence would serve her well through the trials and challenges that were to come as she pursued a life of faith and study.

Educated by the Sisters of St. Joseph at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, Johnson was familiar with the life of women religious. Following the example of the energetic, youthful, and dedicated teachers she knew throughout her education, Johnson chose to enter the Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood after graduating high school. Putting her remarkable intellect to work, she received a degree in education and went on to teach amongst the same sisters who had first empowered her voice.

Learn more about Sr. Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ, a theologian, whose efforts to uncover an inclusive language for God have a profound impact not only one’s personal relationship with God but on the way the Church, society, and community act in the world.

Resources Included in This Download:

  • Educational resources: A Biography of Sister Elizabeth Johnson; In Her Own Words (Elizabeth Johnson’s Acceptance Speech for the 2014 Outstanding Leaderhip Award from the LCWR ); The Symbol of God Functions: God Language, Catholic Social Teaching, and Community; In Good Company: Other Feminist Theologians writing and working today
  • Be a Witness of Mercy: Resources for learning and doing
  • Prayer Resources: Prayer Service for New Life written by Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ
  • Original Art by Marcy Hall, commissioned by FutureChurch