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Mary of Nazareth Packs

Re-imagining Mary of Nazareth for today

Our Mary of Nazareth: Feast of the Assumption Download offers educational and prayer resources to help you learn about and pray with Mary the disciple and prophet.

Education Resources on Mary of Nazareth

  • Mary Through History — An easy-to-read examination of Marian thought and art from the Early Church through Today by Mary Christine Athans, BVM, Ph.D.
  • Reclaiming Mary: A Task for Feminist Theology by Mary Grey, Ph.D.
  • Will The Real Mary Please Stand Up? Transcript and MP3 of Podcast Discussion with Sr. Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ
  • Mary of Nazareth: Sign of God’s Liberation by Christine Schenk, CSJ
  • Outline and Discussion Questions to host your own four-session series on Mary of Nazareth

Resources on the Feast of the Assumption

  • The Assumption: History and Questions by Judith Davis, Ph.D.
  • Beyond the Womb: Mary as Disciple by Judith Davis, Ph.D.
  • A New Perspective: Mary as Prophet in the Visitation by Penelope Duckworth
  • Mary’s Influence on Jesus: Three Prophetic Themes by Penelope Duckworth
  • The Wisdom of Older Women by Jordan Denari
  • Prayer Service Celebrating Mary, Disciple and Prophet
  • Poetry by Christine Lore Weber

Mary of Nazereth Resource Packs are available in the FutureChurch shop.