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Mary Mother of God Resource

Our Mary the Mother of God Packet offers educational and prayer resources to help you learn about and pray with Mary as sister, companion, prophet, disciple and mother.

Cover art: Mary, Mother of Mercy. Copyright by Janet McKenzie. Used with permission.

This resource download includes:

  • Mary, the Mother of God:  The Oldest and Most Controversial Feast day by Judith Davis, Ph.D.
  • Opening to Heaven: The Shrine Madonnas by Judith Davis, Ph.D.
  • Holy Virgin, Mother of God: When Faced with Impossible Standards by Deborah Rose-Milavec
  • Mary in the Age of Complementarity by Deborah Rose-Milavec
  • Mary the Prophet by Penelope Duckworth
  • The Wisdom of Older Women by Penelope Duckworth