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Stations of the Cross: Black Catholic Women Bear Witness

This set of stations reflects on the stories of courageous Black Catholic Women who relied on their faith and dedicated themselves to living and sharing it despite bearing the unjust crosses of racism, slavery, poverty, segregation, sexism, and exclusion. 

Each time Jesus falls, participants are invited reflect on exceprts from Catholic Social Teaching on the issue of race and racism. By doing so, we acknowledge — before God and before one another — that we, as individuals and as a community of believers — have failed to live the Gospel values of freedom, equality, solidarity, and inclusion we claim.

Art: Stations of the Cross by Janet McKenzie. Copyright 2013 by Janet McKenzie. Used with permission. Visit

To learn more, download our resource packet. Women Witnesses for Racial Justice resource packets include:

  • Introductory Remarks
  • Opening and closing prayer
  • Fourteen stations inspired by the research of Shannen Dee Williams and featuring the art of Janet McKenzie
  • Suggested songs