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Sr. Dorothy Stang

On Feb. 12, 2005, Sr. Dorothy Stang walked along a dirt road deep in the heart of Brazil’s Amazon, on her way to meet a handful of poor farmers bearing up under harassment from illegal loggers and ranchers. She trudged along, until two hired assassins blocked her way. In response to their challenge, she produced maps and documents proving that the government had designated the land as a reserve for the landless poor. “Do you have a weapon?” they asked. Yes, she answered, showing them the Bible she carried for decades. She opened it and began to read aloud: “Blessed are the poor in spirit. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice. Blessed are the peacemakers …” Then, she said, “God bless you, my sons.” The two shot her six times and ran.

Download our resource to learn more about Sr. Dorothy Stang, Martyr of the Amazon, who laid down her life in defense of the poor and the environment.

Download includes:

  • Educational resources: A Biography of Sister Dorothy Stang by John Dear with questions for reflection and discussion; In Her Own Words (Sister Dorothy Stang on Caring for the Earth and Peace and Justice); A Summary and Discussion Guide for Laudato Si
  • Be a Witness of Mercy: Resources for learning and doing
  • Prayer Resources: Prayer Service in Memory of Dorothy Stang by Katherine Feely, SND
  • Original Art by Marcy Hall, commissioned by FutureChurch